Westside Midwives is a UBC Teaching Practice

We are proud to host students from midwifery, medical and nursing programs. By precepting we help grown our own profession and also help to ensure there will be doctors and nurses who appreciate and understand the role of midwives in the medical system. We hope that you will be willing to include learners in your care. However, if at any time you feel that you need a private visit with us, please let us know.

Westside Midwives is pleased to host two UBC Midwifery Students 
September 2018-April 2019.

              Blue team
Current 4th Year Midwifery Student (UBC); Certificate in Level II Dental Assisting (Discovery College)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: As a child I was very fascinated with pregnancy and babies. When I met a student midwife, who was nearing the end of her training, I knew I had found where I fit in the health care team for families.

Before I was a Midwife: I previously worked as a Dental Assistant for 5 years in both Victoria and Vancouver. Once I discovered Midwifery, I filled my days working in midwifery practices within an administrative role, supporting families as a birth doula, and providing prenatal education.

          JOHANNA LEE  
           Green team
Current 3rd year Midwifery Student (UBC); Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies (University of Oregon)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: My mother was a sex educator and a childbirth educator long before I was born and my sister was a doula in my late teen years. Midwifery feels like my birthright and my family legacy. I’ve been passionate about reproductive health for as long as I can remember. And then one day a good friend asked me to her doula. Floating home on a birth-high after my very first birth was the moment I knew Midwifery was my path.

Before I was a Midwife: I’ve worked in management, environmental education and as a nanny. I spent two years prior to midwifery school supporting families as a part-time birth doula.