Our Practice

Welcome to Westside Midwives!

Our clinic is located in beautiful Kitsilano on Vancouver’s West Side, a short walk from Jericho Beach and on traditional Musqueam Territory.

We are a two teams of midwives providing maternity care to healthy women and their families during the childbearing year. As registered midwives, we offer holistic, individualized, evidence-based care during pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks after your baby is born. We believe that having a baby is a profound and deeply important event in a woman’s life.

Our goal is to support you in making informed choices that will allow this experience to be positive and empowering. Our model of care enables us to build a personal relationship with you over the course of your pregnancy. We value this continuity of care because we believe that women feel safest and best supported during labour and birth when they are with a known and trusted care provider.

Our services are fully funded by BC Medical Services Plan BC Care Card. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your wishes and needs for maternity care.

Our Teams

We have two teams to serve you. The “West” team is a team of four midwives, Camille Bush, Kate Blake, Alison Humphrey and Carole Miceli. The “East” team is also a team of four midwives, Thea Parkin, Jasmin Freed, Lena Rowat and Frances Millerd. Your prenatal visits will alternate between midwives in your team to give you the opportunity to get to know all of them during the course of your pregnancy. A midwife is always on-call for each team. When you go into labour, whichever midwife in your team is on-call will attend your birth. The on-call midwife can be contacted at any time during your pregnancy or postpartum for emergencies. Each team meets regularly to discuss their clients and review charts; by working together, we are able to provide you with continuity of care while ensuring that the midwife you are with is well rested.