Blue Team

Thea Parkin

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), BSc in Nutrition (UBC).

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: 23 years old. The UBC Midwifery program was being developed and on paper it sounded like the most amazing career on the planet– and it is!

Before I was a Midwife: I used to help UBC students (prospective, current and former) get stuff done.

Marella Falat

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC) BSc in Global Resource systems (UBC)

Moment I knew I wanted to be Midwife: I was applying to the Masters of public health program and the mother I was nannying for said “Why don’t you apply to midwifery? It would be perfect for you?” All the pieces I cared about: public health, families and babies and education come together in this profession.

Before I was a Midwife: Studying agriculture, First Nations studies in Chiapas Mexico, Cuba and Nepal. I also Nannied and taught Yoga.

Sarah Knowlden

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), BA in Psychology (UBC), MA (Kingston, UK),

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: The midwifery care I received when I had my own three children made me realize there simply isn’t a better or more important job!

Before I was a Midwife: I worked in the corporate world, developing community-based sustainability strategies. I was also a volunteer doula.

Sonia Perez

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (McMaster), BSc. Cellular, Molecular, Microbial biology (TRU).
I deliver care in Spanish, German, English, and French.

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I was a doula for a time, and when a family member of mine chose a midwife, I also serendipitously met many midwives in the same time period. I often say, I followed the signs toward midwifery.

Before I was a Midwife:I was born in Mexico and raised in BC/Germany, so have taken on many adventurous jobs, from mosquito controller to bank teller. I completed my first degree with the intention of working in science and health care, but life took me elsewhere and I found work at BC Hydro. Some years in, I started as a doula, and when midwifery came calling, I made the leap from marketing to midwifery. It was the right time to return to health care, and I’m so glad I did!

Katie McCallum
On Maternity Leave unitl 2023

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Level II Dental Assisting (Discovery College)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I met a student midwife when my brother and his wife were expecting. It just seemed like the perfect combination of primary health care and relationship based continuity… and I was right, it is!

Before I was a Midwife: I spent 5 years working in dentistry, while juggling administrative work for midwifery clinics, teaching prenatal education and providing support for families as a doula.