Green Team

Kate Blake

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Health Sciences (McMaster), BA in Sociology (Queen’s) 

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I was born wanting to be a midwife! I started catching babies over 25 years ago and there is nothing else I could imagine doing.

Before I was a Midwife: I traveled internationally and learned with midwives in Guatemala, Togo and the Netherlands. 

Alison Humphrey

Education: Midwifery degree (Laurentian University), BA (UofT)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: 10 years old, voraciously reading books about pregnancy and birth. 

Before I was a Midwife: I lived in Toronto, worked as a youth employment counsellor and volunteered as a doula at June’s Center for Teenagers (formerly Jessie’s).  

Holly Parker

Education: Midwifery Bsc with Hons (City University, London, UK), American & Canadian Studies BA (University of Nottingham, UK), Midwifery Practice Msc ongoing (UK)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: after trying other things and realising I wanted a vocation with human connection and life-long learning. I love that midwifery encompasses many spheres – biology, physiology, psychology, holistic care…and places value on intuition.

Before I was a Midwife: I spent my teens and early 20s involved in high level and international rowing. After that, I organized conferences and Strategy courses at a Business School, and had lots of great holidays.

Ruth Comfort

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC); Master of Public Administration (UVIC)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: April 2001, upon learning about the UBC Midwifery Program. I had always wanted to work in health care, and getting to work with expectant parents and newborns in a relational model seemed like a dream come true.

Before I was a Midwife: I became a midwife in my early 20’s so there’s not much to report on there! But since becoming a midwife, I have also worked in health policy, administration and investigation, and have had two children of my own.

Olivia Johnston

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (McMaster) BSc Biology (UPEI)
Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I’ve always had an interest in healthcare and feminism, and the lack of available options and services in my home province of PEI sparked my interest in midwifery. One day I hope to return home to provide midwifery care!

Before I was a Midwife:I grew up on the East Coast and spent my childhood and young adulthood enjoying small town PEI life, before moving to Ontario and eventually catching babies there for several years.

Elie Rushton
On Maternity leave until Fall 2023

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Master of Public Health (SFU), BSC (UVic)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I’ve always loved babies! When my aunt and uncle had their two kids with midwives, and I learned how midwives get to take care of families and babies, I was hooked and never looked back!

Before I was a Midwife: I worked in women’s health research, working on projects that aim to improve access to reproductive and sexual health for women. I also taught yoga for many years and travelled as much as I could.