Green Team

Kate Blake

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Health Sciences (McMaster), BA in Sociology (Queen’s) 

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I was born wanting to be a midwife! I started catching babies over 24 years ago and there is nothing else I could imagine doing.

Before I was a Midwife: I traveled internationally and learned with midwives in Guatemala, Togo and the Netherlands. 

Alison Humphrey

Education: Midwifery degree (Laurentian University), BA (UofT)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: 10 years old, voraciously reading books about pregnancy and birth. 

Before I was a Midwife: I lived in Toronto, worked as a youth employment counsellor and volunteered as a doula at June’s Center for Teenagers (formerly Jessie’s).  

Holly Parker

Education: Midwifery Bsc with Hons (City University, London, UK), American & Canadian Studies BA (University of Nottingham, UK), Midwifery Practice Msc ongoing (UK)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: after trying other things and realising I wanted a vocation with human connection and life-long learning. I love that midwifery encompasses many spheres – biology, physiology, psychology, holistic care…and places value on intuition.

Before I was a Midwife: I spent my teens and early 20s involved in high level and international rowing. After that, I organized conferences and Strategy courses at a Business School, and had lots of great holidays.

Ruth Comfort

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC); Master of Public Administration (UVIC)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: April 2001, upon learning about the UBC Midwifery Program. I had always wanted to work in health care, and getting to work with expectant parents and newborns in a relational model seemed like a dream come true.

Before I was a Midwife: I became a midwife in my early 20’s so there’s not much to report on there! But since becoming a midwife, I have also worked in health policy, administration and investigation, and have had two children of my own.

Elie Rushton
On Maternity leave until 2023

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Master of Public Health (SFU), BSC (UVic)

Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: I’ve always loved babies! When my aunt and uncle had their two kids with midwives, and I learned how midwives get to take care of families and babies, I was hooked and never looked back!

Before I was a Midwife: I worked in women’s health research, working on projects that aim to improve access to reproductive and sexual health for women. I also taught yoga for many years and travelled as much as I could.

Caitlin Botkin
Locum Summer 2022

Education: Bachelor of Midwifery (UBC), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Trinity Western University)
Moment I knew I wanted to be a Midwife: After years of emergency nursing (while dabbling in birth support on the side), I needed a change from the reactive care I was providing. I wanted to find a job that allowed for relationships and continuity, but had more variety than working in an office. Midwifery fit this perfectly and continues to keep me on my toes.

Before I was a Midwife: I worked as an emergency department RN, most recently at BC Children’s.