Erin (formerly Bir Kaur) O’Flaherty
Office Manager/ Intake Coordinator
Same person- just a different name!

Erin can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been fascinated with pregnancy and birth; midwives are Rock Stars to her!
She has a background in communications and tech support (anyone remember Rogers Video?!) She is a birth doula and has been lucky enough to be present at some of Westside’s own midwives births!
She is kept on her toes by her growing children (both born at home with midwife support) She spends her spare time trying to figure out what to do with her spare time.

Cara Luxton
Office Manager

Cara graduated from the University of Toronto and worked as a biologist in Vancouver before having children. For the last 14 years she’s been busy running a household with 3 active boys. All of Cara’s children were born at home with midwives and she’s been telling anyone that will listen how amazing midwifery care is since her first birth. In her spare time, Cara can be found trail running or hiking in the mountains or on her road bike (probably going up a mountain).

Emily Pedlow
Office Manager

Emily has a passion for all things pregnancy and baby related. With a 4 year old daughter of her own it’s opened a whole new world of interests, which helped her make a career change from the beauty industry into midwifery office assistant. In her spare time she enjoys all forms of exercise and spending time with family.

Westside Midwives Hall of Fame
Avital Kline
Office Manager

Avital was the office manager at Westside from 2013 until 2021, when she left our team…to start her undergraduate training at UBC to become a Midwife! Good luck Avital!