Keep Calm & Have a Baby

You’ve prepared for the birth.
Are you ready for the baby?

Don’t panic.  We’ve got you covered.

This one day class was developed by Bir Kaur and Avital, the friendly faces at the Westside Midwives front desk who also have a myriad of other skills, including years of experience as doulas, mentors and mothers.

After fielding paniced phone calls and answering the many questions of new parents at Westside Midwives over the years, they decided to develop a class specifically tailored to address the worries and fears that most new parents have, and provide information and suggestions that will help parents enter parenting with confidence and a “toolbox” full of ideas and resources for facing this new chapter in their lives. This class is practical, informative and fun (and includes a package full of helpful hand outs and a handmade baby hat!)

Topics covered include:
– Normal newborn behaviour & the 4th trimester
– Infant sleep and calming techniques
– Breastfeeding
– Self-care in the post-partum period
– Car seats
– Baby gear
– Baby wearing and carriers
– Finding your village & local resources
– And more!

Next classes: 

10 am to 2:30 pm
At Westside Midwives
Cost: $50 per couple