Invitae Ordering

Please fill out the following form and then have your client contact Westside Midwives at 604.224.0686 to book their blood draw appointment.

Blood draw appointments: Appointments to for Invitae blood draws are at Westside Midwives at 4th and Alma on Friday mornings ONLY. If your client cannot attend a Friday morning appointment for the blood draw, please direct them towards another Invitae provider, or towards another NIPT. Thank you!

Cost: The client will pay $70 CAD to Westside Midwives for the blood draw. They will pay $99USD to Invitae for the test.


Low Risk/Negative results:  These will be released directly to your client via the secure Invitae portal they create to pay for their test. Your office will be faxed these results on the same day as well.

High Risk/Positive Results:  We will call your office to notify you that there has been a positive result and send the results to your office directly. The results will not be released to your client until you have connected with your client.

Information about Invitae NIPS

Sample reports: