Interesting Links

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Allied Health

Gaelen Gibson, RMT
Dayan Pelvic Floor Clinic
The Continence Clinic
Caroline Abrams, Osteopath
West Coast Clinic of Osteopathy
Acumamas, Acupuncture
Bronwen Melville, T.C.M.P./Acupuncture
Keema Shield, D.T.C.M/Acupuncture
Mia Kalef, Craniosacral Therapist
Rozeela Nand, Chiropractor
Gisele Chamberlain, Chiropractor
Ana Lopez, Naturopathic Physician
West Point Grey Physiotherapy
Women’s Health
Megan Sutherland, Therapy and Counselling
Joy Prenatal and Postnatal Massage
Barb Komar, pregnancy loss counselor, 604.328.9258
Elana Sures Counselling, infertility & postpartum issues
Tania Zulkoskey Counselling
Dr. Michal Regev, Registered Psychologist


Baby’s Best Chance
Dr Sears
Parent Support Resources
Mother Baby Sleep Lab
Car seat inspection
Bumbini Cloth Diapers
Canadian Pediatric Society
Canadian Institute of Child Health

Baby Names

Popular B.C. Baby names
Baby Name Wizzard

Birth Supplies

Westside Midwives Homebirth Kits: please ask us for details!
Home Birth Supplies
Labour Tubs & TENS Machines
Labour Wear


Dr. Jack Newman
La Leche League
Vancouver Breastfeeding Clinic
Breastfeeding & Parenting
Breastfeeding After Reduction
BC Women’s Milk Bank
Bloom Breastfeeding Center
Renee Hefti-Graham, IBC Lactation Consultant, 604.733.6359

Doulas Services

Adar Birth Services Aimee Sturley
Canadian Doula Association
Dancing Star Birth
Doulas of North America
Doula Services Association
Doula Match
Debra Woods
Jacquie Munroe
Jozi Grant – Doula and Photographer
Lolli Comar
Marie Baleine Hubaux
Michelle Maclean
Mother Me Postpartum Doulas

Health & Safety

HealthLink BC, Phone: 8‑1‑1
Newborn Hotline, 604.737.3737
BC Drug and Poison Information Centre: 1.800.567.8911
Vancouver Coastal Health
Perinatal Services B.C.
Infant Risk Center
Vancouver Status of Women
Vancouver Women’s Health Collective
Options for Sexual Health (birth control)
Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter
Battered Women’s Support Services
Women Against Violence Against Women
Healthy connections Program (for women with a history of trauma)


Barefit & Pregnant 
Fit 4 Two
Sanga Yoga Studio
The Path Yoga
Semperviva Prenatal Yoga

Hospitals & Labs

BC Women’s Hospital
St. Paul’s Hospital | 604.682.2344
BC Children’s Hospital
BC Biomedical Laboratories
Life Labs : Locations
Life Labs Online Booking
Lab Test Results Online

Midwifery & Maternity Care

Vancouver Department of Midwifery
College of Midwives of BC
Midwifery Association of BC
Division of Midwifery at UBC
Canadian Association of Midwives
International Confederation of Midwives

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Baby’s Best Chance
Collaboration for Maternal & Newborn Health
Mother & Child Health
BC Reproductive Care Program
Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada
BC Prenatal Genetic Screening Program
First Trimester Screening
Childbirth Connection
Lamaze International
Waterbirth International
Sheila Kitzinger’s Website

Exercise in Pregnancy

Prenatal Education

Baby Prep (group or private classes)
Birthing From Within
Birthing Again
The Childbearing Society

Douglas College Classes (at Barefit and Pregnant)
VBAC Group
Jeanne Lyons:
Sibling Prep Classes – Doula Mamas

BC Women’s Hospital

Postpartum Resources

Mother Me Postpartum Doulas
Doula Services Association
Parent-Infant Drop-Ins – Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre
Mothers Unfolding & Mama Renew
Mama Speak
Postpartum Depression
Pacific Postpartum Support Society
Reproductive Mental Health Program (604‑875‑2025 or 604‑806‑8589)
International Cesarean Awareness Network
Fussy Baby
Life With A New Baby
Options for Sexual Health (birth control)
The Smiling Mask
Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

Research & Evidence

Pub Med
Cochrane Database
BioMed Search

Supplements & Nutrition

Jericho Pharmacy and Health Food Store
Gaia Garden Herbal Dispensary
Biofilia Herbal Dispensary
Finlandia Natural Pharmacy
Choices Market
Whole Foods
Iron in foods
Folic Acid and Pregnancy
Calcium in foods

Vbac, Breech, & Twins

Power to Push Clinic
International Caesarean Awareness Network
Coalition for Breech Birth
Multiple Births Canada
Vancouver VBAC group
Client-Midwife Decision Tool for VBAC